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Next In Natural

Passionate team with award-winning experience uniting emerging organic and natural food and beverage brands with pioneer business partners to create mutualistic success

Brooklyn     Jerusalem     London     Manila     Rio Di Janeiro

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We are a Boutique Hybrid Private Equity / Venture Studio operating partner dedicated to scaling select emerging organic and natural food and beverage companies. Our mission is to build a better future for the planet and all that call her home with our products and symbiotic relationship focus. Our cross functional strategic Business Development, Marketing, Operations and International Trading team work from our offices in the USA, England, Israel and The Philippines









What We Do
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We are highly selective, working with only innovative mission-driven producer partners with a like-minded mutualistic culture and sustainability focused approach

Strategic Brand Development

We empower founders by uniting them with our passionate cross-functional team.  Our deep experience in natural and organic emerging brand CPG engineering and scaling helps transform new companies into successful organizations and established organizations into category disruptors.

Business Development  & Marketing

Our Business Development and Marketing teams work directly with key influential buyers in concert with our representation network to create fiscally sound strategies that generate excitement, drive trial,  gain customers, and earn consumer loyalty.


We have the highest reverence for all the good people in the world and apply The Golden Rule in all interactions with our Team, Customers, Producer Partners, Farmers, Community, Stakeholders and Mother Earth.

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a venture studio hybrid

We invest intellectual equity and working capital in early phase Natural and Organic Food & Beverage entrepreneurs. 






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Our team has 400+ years of combined experience finding, vetting, advising and propelling startups into category leaders.

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Our mission is to make the world a better, more sustainable place by raising the bar of our food and beverage landscape. We are driven to improve our planet by supporting a diverse range of entrepreneurs in developing transformative, profitable,

and mission-driven organizations.

Meet the Leadership Team

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Jeff founded Gourmet Guru, NYC’s

first all-natural & organic CPG Incubator / Distributor.  Guru became known as “the new company company” with Jeff co-writing the go-to-market strategies and/or business plans for small USA startups such as Chobani, Stumptown, and Hu and helped them launch and scale to become category leaders. Jeff later joined forces with UNFI to morph Guru into UNFI Next. Find out more at 

Jeff enjoys his family time, kayaking, hoops, charitable endeavors and supporting

local farmers.

Jeff Lichtenstein

Chief Executive Officer

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Trisha has over 15 years  of Wall Street
and investor relations  experience, working primarily with senior  institutional portfolio managers/hedge funds  and C-level executives in the retail and  eCommerce sectors. Trisha was most recently  a Senior Analyst and VP in Equity Research at  Wells Fargo Securities and prior to that was in  a similar role at Thomas Weisel Partners (now  Stifel Nicolaus) in San Francisco. Trisha  graduated from Miami University in Ohio, with  a B.S. in Finance and Economics and was a past  CFA ® charterholder (2007-2016).

Trisha Dill
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Kristine is a native of the Philippines.

She has over 15 years of combined experience

in Tech & Customer Support, Quality Assurance, 

Business Operations. She holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration & an MBA. She takes a holistic approach to business with a focus on helping team members develop, advance & succeed driven by operational efficiency & lean management all within a familial culture. She supports all areas of our Operations, Accounting, Analytics and Human Resources through insights  & analytics, developing solutions, recommendations for process improvement & organizational changes, with a

keen interest in giving back & creating

mutualistic success for all

our stakeholders.

Kristine Laurel

Chief Operating & Finance Officer

Chief Financial Officer

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Shaynne holds a Bachelor of Science

degree in Information Technology, with 15+ years of professional experience including a great run with Apple.  Shaynne has worked extensively in team leadership, associate training, recruitment, telemarketing, research, SEO and social media management.

She is highly skilled in Customer Service & Technical Support and has worked in Quality Assurance, focusing on in-depth root-cause data analysis & reporting.  At Next in Natural, she leads up the day-to-day operations and provides insights via data analytics.

Shaynne Ricarte

Operations Team Leader

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Gregory holds a bachelor’s

degree in Business Administration majoring

in Marketing Management and has  extensive experience in customer relations management and team training. As a Product and Process Trainer, he has led top brands to their success in customer service, customer experience,

technical support, and sales.

As a marketer, he is passionate about content creation, branding, customer engagement,

digital marketing in social media.

At Next in Natural, Greg leads up the Digital Marketing and Social Media Team as well as

our Trade Marketing and R&D areas.

Gregory Márzon

Marketing Team Leader


Entrepreneurship Creating Social and Eco Impact

We mentor and invest in an inclusive talent pool of entrepreneurs to better the next generation by empowering them to make healthy food and beverage choices. We have been widely recognized for supporting this mission: examples include receiving a New York City Business of the Year Award from Mayor Bloomberg, being named an Inner City 100 Business of the Year from Harvard University's Michael Porter, SBA family Business of the Year and being visited by British Parliamentary Members to learn how to best create great career opportunities in underserved communities.

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Get in touch

Global Headquarters​

240 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Tel: +1 (718) 757-8569

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Building symbiotic partnerships within the sustainable food landscape for a better tomorrow.

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